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Caravan Salon 2023

Come visit us at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf!
We are in Hall 13, Stand F77



A modern and revolutionary solution for the remote control of personal caravans, motorhomes and vans via cloud.

Caravan Cloud Controller by RVSTARS is a modern and revolutionary solution for the remote control of personal caravans, motorhomes and vans via cloud with a tablet, mobile phone and laptop, similar to a smart home solution that you have in your house.

The control panel (e.g. light control), air conditioner, interior heating and water boiler can be operated. Complete solution with router, controller, tablet, Smart TV, hardware, software, cloud hosting.

Caravan Cloud Controller:

- Heating
- Water boiler
- Air Conditioner
- Lights
- Water Pump
- Level meter
- Shock monitor
- Vehicle data monitor

Cloud information:

Interior temperature for heater, water temperature, fresh water level, waste water level, leisure battery level, engine battery level.

The main benefits of our innovative solution are:

- Gas, electricity and water saving
- Maximum comfort with vehicle control from distance
- Easy to set up
- Easy to use
- APP for phone, tablet, laptop
- 24/7 technical assistance
- Free updates for the equipment
- Online TV (TV, Netflix, Prime, YouTube, Chrome, APPS)
- Control the equipment via TV with own Wi-Fi network



The new solution for online television. We offer Smart TVs with 4G Wi-Fi Routers for caravans, motorhomes and campervans. More than 150 TV channels for every country, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube, Radio Channels and many other Applications. Also internet conectivity for devices such as: mobile phone, tablet, Smart TV and other accessories, ready for the future applications. In this way you can work and feel as home by having your own Wi-Fi network. Our products have undergone constant development over the years to reach the highest quality, connectivity and reliability. The future is now!

Smart TV

4G Wi-Fi Router

Solution for Online TV which includes a 19", 22", 24" HD SMART TV and a 12V SMART 4G MOBILE WIFI ROUTER.
This is the technology of the future. The technology based on satellite antennas is the domain of the past and very hard to use and manage as you already know.
This TV solution will give the user an easy, cheap and comfortable way to watch TV via internet.
In this way, the satellite antenna can be easily replaced. As one automatic satellite antenna system + TV costs more than 3000 Euro.

RVSTARS Smart TV Solution

Here you can find the main advantages:

Cost Saving

Our system costs 3 times less than a classic antenna system

Cable Free

Does not require cables to connect the devices as the communication is done wirelessly via Wi-Fi


Strong Signal

It has strong signal for 2G/3G/4G internet from multiple antennas and strong Wi-Fi signal

Easy to Use

It works in motion, in the forest, in the city, in the shops, with obstacles

Other advantages are:

- More than 30 simultaneous users can be connected
- Multiple TV systems can be connected to the network
- All the internet Android applications can be installed directly on the TV
- Infinite applications such as: Google Chrome, Netflix, Google Maps, YouTube, Facebook, Internet TV applications, Online radio, Online Android TV
- Easy to install, fast installation with low required time, does not require to make a hole on the roof of the caravan or motorhome, all units are inside.
- Does not require TV subscription
- Reduced size
- With all of these devices the customer will feel as in his home, close with his family
- The system can be used as a mobile office for work inside the caravan or motorhome as internet is available everywhere for all devices
- Many, many other applications

Full Product List

19" / 22" / 24" / 28" Smart TV

Smart TV Packs
19" / 22" / 24" / 28" Smart TV + 4G Router + APPS for Each Country

5G / 4G Routers
Single SIM / Dual SIM
2.4G / 5.8G Single or Dual Band
Indoor Routers for Caravans, Motorhomes and Campervans
Outdoor Camping Routers
Repeaters / Amplifiers 1800sqm

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